Sesame is an assessment platform designed for
each student's growing success.

Assessment is more than just a spreadsheet.

Align with curriculum

Show teacher accountability and student growth with built-in standards and achievement charts.

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Give students a voice

Document conversations, observations, and products with our student-friendly interface.

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Determine grades

Assess students and give feedback by building your own rubrics and checklists.

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Connect with families

Provide parents with access to private portfolios that give instant insight into the student experience.

Simplify paper trail

Organize assessments with evidence of student work and feedback in one secure place.

Collaborate in teaching

Empower teaching partners with simultaneous class access and shared resources.

Trusted by Thousands

We serve educators across K-12 and Higher Education institutions from around the world.
Here's what some of them have to say.

"Dear @SesameHQ, Where have you been hiding? #ontedleaders: intuitive, user-friendly way to 'tell the stories that report cards can't'. Wow."

"There is nothing else out there that can collect real-time evidence with learning outcomes like this. The passion from our students and faculty is unprecedented. "

Simple, affordable pricing.



For one teacher
  • 5 active classes
  • Unlimited upload
  • Rubric maker
  • Privacy control
  • And more


$120 USD

For one teacher/year
  • Unlimited classes
  • Year-over-year archive
  • Custom standards
  • Reporting tools
  • And more


$1000 USD

For 10 teachers/year
  • Teacher collaboration
  • Single student profile
  • GAFE integration
  • Admin panel
  • And more