Sesame is a living, visual record of student competencies.

We make it easy to document evidence of student work and assessment
to demonstrate learning outcomes over time.

Teachers, here's how Sesame helps you.

Be more confident.

Browse and tag your own curriculum standards to automatically track student work and assessment in real-time.

With Sesame, you have the evidence to answer questions like "Why did a student get this grade?" or "Which standards have been assessed?"

Be more visual.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

With Sesame, you and your students can capture photos, videos, and/or audio from any device, as well as review them on the spot.

Of course, you can also upload documents, code, presentations, and more!

Be more effective.

Record and share immediate feedback with students in a few taps.

With Sesame, you can have the most customizable and user-friendly assessment tools at your fingertips. We help you focus on the parts of teaching that you enjoy instead of paperwork.

Be the change that you wish to see.

Join the thousands of educators that believe in demonstrating student competencies with ongoing visual evidence.