Simple, affordable pricing for K-12 schools.

Active classes per teacher 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Upload photos, videos, and documents from any device
Organize work by student, activity, or curriculum
Rubric, checklist, and score feedback tools
Private portfolio for family access
Instant QR sign-in code for students
Curriculum standards database Limited Upload local or custom standards Share school-wide standards
Number of co-teachers - 1 Unlimited teacher collaboration
Real-time analytics and reporting -
Student-driven feedback on Snaps -
Student email notification -
Batch print student assessments -
Advanced rubric customization -
Reuse class templates -
Restore archived class -
Organize work by student groups -
Single student profile for all classes - -
Google Apps and SIS integration - -
Year-over-year student record - -
Admin panel and account management - -


Q. Why is the price in USD?

A. Since Sesame has customers from around the world, we try to keep things simple by using one currency. If you'd like to be invoiced in your local currency, just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs!

Q. What if I'm unsatisfied after a purchase?

A. We will refund you the remaining balance no questions asked! All we ask for is your feedback on how we can improve.

Q. Can I try the Pro plan before deciding to upgrade?

A. Absolutely! All new accounts come with a 14 day free trial of the Pro plan. You can then decide which plan you'd like to continue with.

Q. Is Sesame safe?

A. We wouldn't still be in business today if we are not! Sesame is vetted by every school district and institution customer that comes onboard. Our privacy policy is clear about never selling your data to advertisers and can be tailored to satisfy your jurisdiction's requirements.

Q. Is there a plan for colleges and universities?

A. Yes! We offer customized higher-ed solutions to 2 and 4-year institutions. Contact us to get a custom quote for your school!

Q. What kind of setup and training is available?

A. Sesame has a comprehensive knowledge base as well as an administrator panel for self-serve setup. Personalized integration, setup, and training is also available upon request, just let us know of your needs when contacting us!