Sesame for Higher-Ed Institutions

Additional features for competency and outcome-based learning.

LMS integration

Sync student roster and grades

Private curriculum

Track institution-specific outcomes

Life-long Portfolio

Alumni can keep access after graduation

Centralized record

One place for student data year after year

Personalized setup

Let us setup your course syllabi and resources

Advanced privacy

Ability to publish or hide student assessments

Student notification

Notify students via email when feedback is ready

Data Concierge

Custom program-level analytics

User Account Management

Control user access and roster management

Pricing that is as simple as Sesame's tools.



per student
  • Real-time outcome tracking
  • Life-long learning portfolio
  • Program-level insight
  • Engaging mobile platform
  • Instant, personal feedback
  • Tailored assessment tools
  • Dedicated success team

Q. Who is the plan for?

A. The Institution plan is for college and university departments with 100 students or more. For campus-wide adoption, please contact us .

Q. Is there a pilot option?

A. Yes! A one-time pilot is available for $300 per course, which also includes all setup, training, and support. We're flexible and able to accommodate your needs so please contact us to learn how we can work together.

Q. What is considered a "student"?

A. "Student" refers to a learner that's currently enrolled in your department, full-time or part-time. Inactive and alumni accounts do not cost extra.

Q. How many courses can students enroll in?

A. Unlimited! Student accounts follow them through their entire career at your institution. Alumni can keep access to their personal portfolio free of charge.

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