Sesame for K-12 Schools

Additional features for a collaborative learning experience.

Single student sign-in

One centralized account to access all classes

Year-over-year portfolio

Living record that grows with each student

Co-teacher support

Add multiple teachers to collaborate in a class

Student notification

Notify students via email when feedback is ready

Custom standards

Upload local and custom curriculum standards

Standard-Based grading

Assess specific standards individually

Standard-Based reporting

Visualize standards coverage for each class and student

Gradebook export

Export student grades as a spreadsheet

Advanced privacy

Ability to publish or hide student assessments

Pricing that is as simple as Sesame's tools.



per student
  • Life-long student portfolio
  • Visual family engagement
  • Custom curriculum standards
  • Real-Time standards report

Q. Who is the plan for?

A. The School plan is for independent K-12 schools with 300 students or more.

If your school is a part of a larger district, please contact us as you may be eligible for volume pricing.

Q. How does billing work?

A. Pricing is in USD and is billed at the beginning of the contract. We accept bank wires, credit cards, cheques, and money orders.

Q. Is there a free version for individual teachers?

A. Yes. Sesame offers a free plan that is designed for single-classroom teachers to try on their own.

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