The smarter way to capture assessment.

Show what your students are really capable of

Create formative and summative assessments using anecdotal notes, rubrics, checklists and rating scales, as well as capture observations and evidence of work.

It could be anything from a video of a class presentation or a Google doc that students are collaborating on.

Everything is stored in the cloud and accessible from a phone, tablet, computer or anything inbetween.

Give students ownership of their learning

Whether it's kids playing with Lego blocks for the first time or soon-to-be architects creating a model city of the future, student perspective can add powerful insight.

Sesame makes it easy for your students to contribute to their own portfolio and tag collaborators. With a unique QR code for each person, it's as simple as scan to login, capture, and that's it! Especially handy for shared devices.

Eliminate surprises on parent-teacher night

Sesame automatically organizes assessments to show student achievements over time for triangulation of learning.

Instantly show posts that you've made visible to students and parents, or generate unique links for individual posts and share them however you'd like.

When reporting, simply export grades and browse each portfolio for organic student progress and feedback.

Get to know your students instead of juggling apps

Plan long-range and daily lessons with a visual calendar and see real learning outcomes side-by-side before teaching the next day.

With built-in curricula such as Ontario and CCSS, easily browse and tag standards to your plans and assessments.

Sesame connects the dots in your workflow to better understand and cater to your students' learning.